Turning the Iconic Cat into a medium for today’s active and digitally savvy kids. Creating engagement and interactivity with its consumers like never before.

MI Gaming gives you everything you need for greatness.


10 Years ago we started a company unlike any other. We believed than as we believe today that Iconic brands are IDEA LEAD and CULTURALLY RELEVANT, creating a purposeful difference in their customer’s lives – a term we called IDEA-L. Today Media Idee World Wide is at the fore front of helping you Create IDEAL brands.


Since the inception of MI Gaming, a network company of MI World Wide, we have been working towards web based, mobile based and augmented reality games. At MI Gaming, we are designers, game strategists, coders, technologists and producers – but above all we exist to help brands embrace the creative and technological changes that would revolutionize all aspects of their brand.


Our expertise across insight analysis, design, development, deployment and promotion of the best interactive content around the world, enables brands to get fit for the future, no matter where we join them on their journey.


To do this requires a unique culture capable of supporting a team of designers and developers that use diverse techniques to form a soul of the game and then create the best environments for it to run on. Providing the perfect blend of thrill with inspiring interactivity takes our clients further and faster on their digital journey, delighting customers on the way.


This approach embraces the creative tension between left brain and right brain. We believe that when you combine data and storytelling – when mathematicians and poets join forces – you get more powerful results.


Media Idee is a global Cultural Agency, creating and building IDeal Brands. By fusing culture insights from our BRAND PRISM tool, captivating STORYTELLING and amplifying via IMAGERY, ENGAGEMENT, EXPERIENCES and PLAY we help our clients uncover new ways to grow their brands and businesses.


Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements and useful options, and completely user-friendly.

Advergames are the ideal way to engage with your audience. Design and build a bespoke game from the ground up, or get in front of an existing audience with a branded section of a game.

Set yourself apart from the crowd at your next show or conference. Create your own unique game to leave a lasting impression, or get your branding in a proven crowd-pleaser.

Company inductions, teaching aids, corporate training and more – engage your players with a bespoke educational game, or take an existing framework and add your key messages.